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1RU MTP/MPO Chassis,MTP/MPO patch panel Manufacturer&supplier&factory

Product Numbers: TW-MPO-1RU

Product description: MTP/MPO Chassis


1U MTP/MPO Chassis,MTP/MPO patch panel Manufacturer&supplier&factory


MTP/MPO Chassis mounts up to 3 MPO cassettes in a 19" arrangement taking only 1U height. The Patch Panel has a sliding tray to provide easy access, connection and securing of the MTP Trunk Cables to the rear of the cassettes. Blank panels are included for the unused apertures within the patch panel. The 19"mounting brackets are adjustable to allow the panel to be set further back in the cabinet mounting frames.
Easy for installation and operation
19'' standard structure
Sliding tray design
Available for the installation of FC/SC/ST/LC adapters
FTTX FTTH solutions
Data communication applications
Data Centre infrastructure
Storage Area Network-Fiber Channel
Emerging 40 and 100Gbps Protocols compatible

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 P/N  Descriptions
 TW-MPO-1RU  MPO Sliding Panel, 1U Rack mount, for 3 Fan-out modules;
TW-MPO-4RU  MPO Sliding Panel, 1U Rack mount, for 12 Fan-out modules;
 TW-MPO-BPFU  Blank Plate for MPO panels


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