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HDMI Cables 1.4 version

Product Numbers: HDMI

Product description: HDMI Cables 1.4 version


HDMI Cables - High Speed

• Best quality hdmi v 1.4  cable with ethernet channel and audio return channel ( HEAC)
• Supportsethernet channel,ethernet via HDMI
• Support audio return channel to send audio back from a dispaly to source
• Support 3D over HDMI
• Supports 720p, 1808i,1080p,2160p and 4k *2k ( 4096 * 2160)
• Supports extend colur spaces eg x.v colour
•  99.99% pure OFC copper cable
•  24K Gold plated 19 pin HDMI A male connectors
•  Mylar backed foil shield twisted pairs for high speed HDMI
•  Backward compatible with HDMI 1.0,1.1, 1.2, and 1.3
•  Ideal for connecting PS3 XBox 360 ,Ble Ray DVD,Sky HD,DVD Recorders virgin media HD. Freesat HD etc. 
•  Length 1.8m metre

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